4 Ways To Maintain Mental Health For Your Happiness

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Maintaining mental health is no less important than maintaining a healthy body. Both of them have to walk with balanced. Mentally healthy not possibly be obtained with the body of the sick, as well as vice versa. Health mental that plagued the old over time will make the health of the body also participate disturbed.

As an example of the many you encountered today, namely, the stress that can lead to many diseases , and depression that lead to loss of appetite eat until the disease physically more. Health Mental itself can be also referred to the health of the soul. To live happily, you need to take care of your mental health.

Symptoms Common Signs mental Less Healthy

A person is said to have mentally healthy , if he was spared from the symptoms of the disease life and take advantage of the potential that it has to harmonize the functions of the soul within him .

While those who are mentally unwell are those who feel disturbed by the peace of their hearts . This is usually caused by the inability to face the facts of life , so that mental conflict arises in him .

The symptoms of the common which can be seen in people who are mentally less healthy:

1. Emotional

Feelings are less healthy mentally will always feel restless , panic and anxiety are not in place. People who are mentally unwell are also unable to concentrate on doing a job , lazy , forgetful , apathetic and so on .
Besides that , the people of this bias is to feel jealous hearts on the happiness of others. It is not because of his heart that was rotten , but because he himself is not able to feel the happiness it .

2. Sense of sad that no unwarranted

It is can be seen from the expression on his face that always imagined grief, when in fact he is one who is able, respected people, rank and so on . In people who experience the disorder mental, things is very often the case. Why assortment in accordance with what are happening in the environment.

3. Sense of low self or do not believe in yourself

It ‘s a lot once occurred in adolescents . Usually teenagers experiencing things is as much a problem that the They are facing and they are not able to finish it , even the help of the parents to solve the problem was not there .

A sense of low self- this causes the person to appear offended . Because of that he might be away from association with people a lot , alone , did not dare to express opinions for fear of wrong, do not dare to act or take an initiative for fear is not accepted by others.

4. Grumpy

Too often angry are not in place or are not balanced with the causes that give rise to angry it , then that thus there is to do with health mental.

Angry actually is an expression of the juice of the liver that is not bad , usually as a result of frustration , dissatisfaction , not achieved what he wanted .

If the person who is being felt not bad , not satisfied to himself , then a little just the atmosphere outside interfere he would be angry . Perhaps the child , wife or anyone will be the target of anger that has long been stored.

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