4 Eating Habits That Can Help Prevent Gastric Acid Disease

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Stress, the pattern of eating is wrong, and habits daily that bad can be a trigger disease sour stomach. For those of us who are busy and always faced with various work deadlines every day , stress can be a major cause ofstomach acid disorders. Besides that, the habit of eating the bad also be a factor major causes of the emergence of problems in the acidic stomach.

When we run into problems in the stomach and occurs over and over time, there is a good idea to immediately check yourself to the doctor . The doctor will diagnose the condition of us and gave a drug or treatment that isappropriate. In addition , as a precaution to the emergence of stomach acid disease, we can start from our daily eating habits.

1. Arrange Meals with Small Portions

Reported from lifehack.org, increasingly many who eat meal will be increasingly difficult system of digestion we do function with either . Moreover, when a shortage of acid and enzymes to break down food , eating food in aquantity much can lead to problems . It is advisable to consume food in small portions to ease and facilitate the functioning of our digestive system .

2. Avoid spicy food

Chili and sauce sambal indeed can increase appetite eat. However , in order to avoid from an imbalance of acid stomach , then we need to avoid food and ingredient food spicy . Raw food is spicy just will trigger a sourstomach . Avoid also the type of food the other can lead to acidic stomach as food is oily and fatty foods, drinks carbonated and food acids.

3. Chewing Food

The process of chewing has a big role in the smooth running of our digestive system. If the food that we ingest has not been chewed by good, then the body will work much harder to produce more much acid and enzymesto digest it. The process of chewing can stimulate the production of saliva which has important enzymes to break down food in the mouth.

4. Pull breath before Eating

Sometimes because of the rush, we even finished eating paced flash until seemed to forget to breathe. Important to eat to relax. At least take a breath before eating. Because if we ate in a state of stress, the body we will be in a mode of fight or flight (fight or run away) and do not focus on the process of digestion. Digestion is controlled by the central nervous system and has two modes ( fighting or running away or resting and digesting).

Try for each time will bribe the food, pull breath several times to optimize the process of digestion and reduce the risk of the occurrence of the problem of acid the stomach.

Try to get used first four habits of eating are simple in the above mentioned . With the move early this , expected us escape from disturbance or disease past the stomach into everyday.

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