Want To Lose Weight , Get Acquainted With The Intermittent Fasting Diet Let’s Go!

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There are many ways you can try a diet if you want to lose weight , ranging from the keto diet, the Mediterranean diet, to the diet of Korean artists . One of the ways a diet that also did not lose a lot of demand is intermittentfasting, or call any diet by way of fasting while .

Intermittent fasting is a way of diet is not only able to decrease the weight of the body with a fast but also improve the metabolism of the body and even increase the potential for life long lifespan .

In the intermittent fasting diet there are also many methods , but one of the most popular is the 16/8 method , which is fasting for 16 hours with a window to eat for 8 hours.

The rules are quite simple, namely:

1. Set hour meal ranging from 12 o’clock noon and count six hours from 12 hours, meaning hours last meal was 8 o’clock in the evening .

2. After 8 pm you can not eat anything that contains calories. Not mean not allowed to drink , may drink but water and white only .

3. The next dining window returns at 12 noon . If you want breakfast can brew fresh tea or fresh coffee . During the window eat may eat anything alone, but make sure that healthy .

4. It would be better if you eat foods that are not greasy and oily , while balanced with regular exercise .
How to diet like this is run because quite easy to do , especially for those who are not accustomed to breakfast or sparse breakfast each day as described in the HealthLine.

Diets like this is to lower the weight the body can quickly go down because no no calories yanh accumulate in the evening today . So , just try practiced if you want to prove yourself.

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