5 Signs Of Children Having Eye Disorders And Need Glasses

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Eye disorders not only occur in adults , children can also experience it especially if they have offspring from parents who also experience eye disorders . Kids can experience even in the age that is still small .

The child may not realize that he is having difficulty seeing , but Mom can see it from the daily signs the child shows , and assess whether the child needs an eye examination and needs to wear glasses.

1. Squinting eyes

If the child has a habit of squinting eyes to see or read something, Mom should suspect. It’s a sign of vision are blurred. Asked if he could see objects in the vicinity with the obvious .

2. Too close when watching TV

Teach children to sit away from TV while watching television. But if the child continues to just go forward to see the TV, the possibility he has a weakness eye myopic far. People with myopia far only be viewed objects withclearly if from a distance close.

3. Lost line reading

Reading aloud sometimes can indicate whether a child has a weakness of vision . If he could read the continuation or connection sentences are cut off at the end of the line and the right to read a line at the bottom , he did not run into problems .

But if the child is often one read line next or lines at the bottom again , the possibility of there eye astigmatism or the problem of muscle eye .

4. Rubbed his eyes often

Kids who are too often rubbed his eyes could be experiencing problems eye fatigue or distractions eyes more like conjunctivitis . Ask what that makes the child feel need to be rubbed his eyes .

5. Close one eye or tilt the head

If the child likes to do this to find the right angle in his vision, there is a possibility he has an amblyopia eye disorder. Not only problem he was able to focus on seeing the object in front of him but also experiencing problemsmyopic eye.

Discuss with children what are they feel for this , especially if he also often complain of dizziness. Immediately consult to the doctor to find out the diagnosis for sure.

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